DIY: Lace insert jeans

24. February 2016 Blog, Crafts & DIY, Sew 0

DIY Lace Jeans


Sometimes you come across an image and you know you just have to have it! Well that’s what happened to me with this picture! I fell in love with that idea of lace and jeans! Lace is so on trend this coming spring season and this is a great way to turn your tired old pair of jeans into a feminine distressed look.

What You’ll Need!

  • Old pair of your favorite jeans!
  • Lace: you only need 1/4 yard
  • White pencil/ Tailors Chalk
  • Tweezers
  • Sewing thread & Needle (Pick a color that closely matches your jeans)
  • Wood block
  • Sandpaper (Optional)
Mark where you want the lace to be on the jeans. I wanted a large patch on the left leg and a smaller patch on the right with a distressed patch on the upper right. Now it’s time to cut! Cut out the patches and cut a slit an inch above and below the patch. The line should be the same width of the patch.

With the slits you cut earlier, use your tweezers to pluck out the loose blue threads. There are a lot of them, so don’t get give up so easy! You’ll start to see the white threads, which is what we want!

Use the fabric you cut out of the jeans as a template for your lace. Measure out 1 inch from the sides and 2 inches above and below the jean piece. Cut and now you have your lace inserts.


Turn your jeans inside out and place the woodblock between the layers. This will make it easier to sew down the lace, and you won’t accidently sew your jeans shut! Lay down your lace and align it so the best part shows through! Thread your needle and sew that lace in place! You want to sew 1/2 inch from the cut edge.

Now here comes the fun part! With the sandpaper and tweezers start distressing the edges of jean around the lace. Pull and pluck the threads to expose more white. The sandpaper will help soften the jeans and lighten the dark color to give you more of an aged feeling. Feel free to cut the threads you’ve been pulling out to even out the look.


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