DIY: Leather Card Holder

27. December 2016 Blog, Crafts & DIY, Sew 0
DIY: Leather Card Holder

So excited to share with you this fun little project I’ve been working on over the holidays. Every year I make a personalized gift for all my friends and family, and this year was no exception. I had a bunch of leather remnants leftover from another project and decided to make cute little card holders with them. Turns out they are really easy to make!

Here’s how to start:


Leather : Leather remnant at least 4×5 inches. I purchased a 3 lbs assorted leather remnant pack for another project and had a lot of leftover leather. Make sure to pick a soft leather.

Rotary cutter / Cutting mat – not necessary but helpful in cutting straight lines

Thread –  I used jean thread to add a nice contrast color and the thicker thread will hold up against wear

Heavy duty needle – I used the Singer Heavy Duty Needle style 2020 (110/18)

Sewing machine – Singer Model 4423

Let’s begin!

Start by cutting out a 4×5 rectangle.

Fold the leather in half long wise and cut a triangle wedge about 2 inches down tapering upwards to the top

Stitch the two sides together, back-stitching at the beginning and end to make sure the thread does not unravel.

Trim the excess threads and Voila! You have yourself a beautiful card case for yourself or to give as gifts.

To make each gift extra special I added a little stamped card.

Hope you had fun!

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