Love Letter: Batman Edition

09. February 2016 Awesome, Blog, Board Games 0
Love Letter: Batman Edition

Valentines is just around the corner and what better way to show how much you love someone than by giving them a love letter… preferable a Batman one.

Love Letter: Batman

On today’s board game breakdown, we will be learning about Love Letter: Batman a card based game where you guess the identity of the other players.

Main objective: Be the last player still in the game, ideally the last player holding the Joker card.

Game play: Each player is given an identity to start; each identity has a special ability to help you guess what the other players’ cards could be. At the beginning of you turn you will draw a card from the deck and decide between the two cards you are now holding, which character you want to play. The card you lay down decides your next action. Example: as Batman, you would be able to pick any player at the table and guess which identity they are holding in their hand. If you guessed correctly then that player is out for the remainder of the round and you get a Batman Token.

Winning: The player with 7 Batman Tokens wins!

Game tips: On your cheat sheet card there are numbers, in parenthesis, next to each character. This tells you how many of those cards are in the deck. I found this helpful when you are playing a Batman card and you are trying to guess. If a Bane card has been played then you know there are only 1 left in the deck. Card counting is a pretty nifty skill to have here.

My Thoughts: This is a great break-time game! It’s a nice quick game that doesn’t take a lot of thought or set up. Great card game for the family.


Love Letter Batman Boxed Edition Card Game

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