Planner Adventures

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Planner Adventures

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to get my life together!



OK, that may sound a little weird but, seriously, my time management skills are horrid. I am constantly forgetting plans and telling friends I would have their alterations done the next day and end up getting it to them a week later (fail). I have decided to jump on the #planneraddict bandwagon. So far, I love it!




After days of research, I finally decided on the Inkwell Press A5 inserts. I didn’t realize how much planners cost and I didn’t really want to spend $50 something that I honestly knew I might not stick with. I have a tendency to forget things… remember? Luckily I was able to snag my inserts during Inkwell’s imperfect sale. (Score!) The funny thing is I ended up spending way more money on my binder than I expected. Honestly though, it was worth it! My planner is pretty and inspires me to pick it up and open it. Which is step one of having a planner! I also ordered some stickers from FayeCreates, which should arrive tomorrow. I’m super excited for those and I will have to post an update on those and my adventures with this planner!




So, I’m still so new to using a planner and it’s so pretty I don’t want to write in it… or what to write in it for that matter! Luckily, Tonya from Inkwell Press sends out set-up videos after you make a purchase. They have been so helpful with how to organize my life and finding out how to use this planner that works best for me.




I know this is the dork in me, but instead of writing in the planner, I wrote my notes down on mini post its and placed them in my planner. I know it’s silly but until I get comfortable writing down what’s important I will continue to do this! Who’s with me?!




The planner I purchased was the Brand New Color Crush Personal Planner Kit-Teal & White Stripe Brand New
 I love it! The binder does come with it’s own set of pages and dividers, but I just swapped them out for the Inkwell Press.




I would love to hear any tips & tricks you have found during your planner adventures!

Happy Adventures,



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